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#1 NGO Disaster Response Coordination Platform

PubSafe is the most robust purpose-built platform to aid NGOs in efficiently responding, managing, communicating, and dispatching before and after disasters. The PubSafe portal offers a custom-built command center where volunteers can coordinate and store information. The web portal works in conjunction with the PubSafe Pro mobile app and brings clarity to disaster response not previously available for an NGO.

What Does PubSafe Cost?

Organization Members

Virtually nothing. Most funding is through the PubSafe Pro mobile app users install to communicate with the PubSafe web portal. This approach spreads the cost over the entire organization and at a level anyone can afford. Funding is important to drive the development of new features and functions as the NGO response continues to evolve as seen the past few years. As of Jan 2023, PubSafe Pro is only $5.00/mo per user.


Events are designated on a national scale when NGOs respond. Organizations can also create organization specific events for state and local events or training such as a SAR mission for a lost fisherman. Event tracking is critical to future analytics which will become available in the portal.

Free 90-Day Trial then: 

Year 1 – $199 registration fee + application fee.

Year 2+ $99/yr.

Disaster Events


Efficiency starts with an easy to use and informative map. Knowing the location of all NGO volunteers  and citizens in need. This improves the efficiency of the response across the organization. Dispatchers will no longer have to ask “do we have anyone in that area” and “are they available”. The PubSafe mobile app shares location information with the web portal and the mission ready status of all users in a responder status in the app.


PubSafe users can be in a Citizen or Responder role and change anytime. Only responders can be dispatched a mission if they are in Mission Ready status. Once a portal dispatcher dispatches a mission to a responder, the responder must accept the mission within a certain timeframe or the mission will be assigned to the PubSafe mission queue for any NGO to respond. With the primary goal of helping people, missions for help and emergencies are extremely time sensitive. When a mission cannot be worked by one NGO or agency, it becomes available to others. Responders will update dispatch through the mobile app on the disposition of the mission. Once the mission is complete, the Responder can be assigned another mission, go on break, go off duty, etc.


Government agencies can utilize the PubSafe platform to simply monitor requests and information in real-time. This is an independent agency decision. Government agencies are encouraged to join the platform to coordinate with NGOs to provide a unified, impromptu, coordinated response. Agencies are required to get the Gov version of the app to use government only features in the web portal such as mass messaging. 


View data on how many “missions” were completed, not completed, sources of help request (web, app, call), the percentage of missions completed by responder, missions by event, and more. The ability to review data will lead to improved efficiency and safety. 

NGO Dashboard Missions
NGO Volunteer Hours

Contact Manager

Many NGOs struggle to coordinate information across a country or the globe. A Contact Manager (CM) provides a cloud-based resources to enter information for all users to access with the right permissions. Eventually a Customer Resource Management (CRM) platform will be offered. Common CRMs are SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics. Not only can notes on calls and emails be maintained, but future activity can be scheduled to ensure things are not forgotten or missed. CRMs cost anywhere from $25 to $95 per user. With PubSafe CM is free and the CRM will be very competitively priced in order to help your organization grow.

Dispatching Map

View PubSafe Citizen users and Responders in your organization. Filter to view just what is needed to be efficient.

Weather Radar & Member Messaging

PubSafe provides weather radar in the portal so dispatchers can monitor weather on behalf of field teams to help keep them safe. Dispatchers can message multiple members at once by selecting them on the map. 

Better Information

1. Identifies User in Responder status

2. Consolidated resources with easy access

3. Users in a Citizen status

Help Request

User roles control access to various features. Dispatchers have the ability to enter help requests and other information from various sources outside the mobile app.

Message Members

Select and message organization members as quickly as you can outline them on the map. Government agencies have the ability to message citizen users to warn of things like an active shooter, rapidly approaching wildfire, tsunami, or rescue status.

Tracking Activity

Being able to review the track history of organization members is an interesting function. You may ask how this is relevant in SAR. When searching areas it is important to know an areas, has been thoroughly searched. When an impromptu group of volunteers meet to search for a lost child, knowing the track history of all search part members will show if an area has been missed. Skipping an area may result in evidence or a clue being missed. Track history is limited to a two-day period and activity in PubSafe is tracked and monitored to help ensure reasonable use. Organizations are ultimately responsible for their members activities.

NGO Volunteer Registration
Message Users


Communicating with individuals or groups of people efficiently has many practical and safety applications. Messaging organization members as a group instead of trying to call or SMS each improves overall efficiency. The PubSafe portal combines map selection with messaging to facilitate a very specific selection process. Messaging can be done to one user, one house, one neighborhood or city within just a couple of seconds. 

Volunteer Hours

The PubSafe app has a feature to track volunteer hours (VTH). Knowing the number of hours your organization enables organizations to receive funding, promote the organization for fund raising and increase public awareness. Volunteer hours utilize the GPS in the user’s phone and allow pictures for verification. View detailed information on every hour, location and resource utilized in Excel or in the app.

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