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Wildfire Citizen Communication

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Wildfires Devastate Homes & Environment


Wildfires penetrate our dreams in the form of nightmares if you live in a wildfire area. Wildfires are fast moving, emotionless beasts that consume everything in their path. Living in wildfire country is risk just like living along the Gulf Coast or tornado prone areas. Preparing for wildfires requires a community effort. Education, labor, building codes, and neighbor helping neighbors is what it take to thrive in wildfire zones. 

PubSafe provides a platform a community can use to communicate and take care of each other. Alerting specific homes, verse a whole community can improve evacuation efficiency, focus resources on specific target areas and improve communication.

Knowing the location of community members enables emergency services to reduce search time go directly to them for rescue. As a consequence, first responders are exposed to less risk and for shorter periods of time. 

PubSafe offers a tool for government to message users virtually free. The users/citizens can utilize the free version of the mobile app to get notifications and messages, or they can upgrade to get more features and higher limits. The key is that there is not a budget issue because every citizen pays a very small amount. Members which want to utilize the web portal and organization functionality can upgrade to Pro or higher and get additional organizational functionality. 

“Wildfires are unique due to the lack of advance notice, speed of movement and change of direction.”

Wildfire Safety Network
Burned Car Wildfire Volunteer Assistance

Wildfire Secondary Destruction


We can all imagine the consequence of a wildfire, but we seldom think of the secondary impacts. Wildfire emergencies may be in a minimally populated region or consume hundreds of thousands of acres. Large wildfires like those found in California, Utah and Nevada can cost billions in property damage and firefighting efforts. Fast moving wildfires kill people and animals from smoke inhalation or by burning. Coordinating rescue efforts begins with early warning and constant communication with people on the ground. Wildfires are so dangerous it is a scenario where citizen response is highly risky and should be avoided.

PubSafe Wildfire Related Features


  1. Flooding due to lack of vegetation
  2. Economic loss – jobs, spending and tax revenue
  3. Loss of livestock and wildlife
  4. Loss of infrastructure such as utilities
  5. Situational awareness in relation to government response