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Routine Assistance

Life can throw you a curveball when you least expect it. The good news is there are plenty of people in your area that want to help. When you request help online or through the PubSafe mobile app, other PubSafe members in your area are alerted. Other users can see what you need and exactly where, making the response much more efficient. You can request help for almost anything such as food, shoveling snow, removing limbs or debris, flood/tornado/hurricane recovery, baby supplies, a repair of some sort, clothing, or other routine needs.

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Priority Assistance

Always call 911 or emergency services in your area first.

Then submit the form below or install and request assistance from the PubSafe mobile app to share your location and needs with other members. Government agencies may not be monitoring PubSafe.

Priority Assistance – Potential harm to people or animals or for significant property damage. Your request will be visible to other users, but the platform is not monitored by government emergency services in most areas. Other PubSafe members or volunteer organizations may respond.

False Reporting Is a Crime

Posting false information is a crime and information will be provided to authorities.

Expiring Posts

It is important to expire posts when you feel the issue will be resolved. This may be in a few hours or many days depending on the issue. A washed out road may be set to expire in 90 days where a flooded road may expire in a few hours.

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