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Tornado – Maximum Destruction


Few natural disasters bring the fear and destructive force of a tornado. Witnessing the aftermath of an entire neighborhood being destroyed in just a few seconds is hard to comprehend. For those who survive, the outcomes means starting over. 

“The United States averages 1150 tornados per year. Since 1950 there have been 59 F5 tornados according to NOAA. The Tri-State Tornado of March 18, 1925, ravaged 219 continuous miles of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. Nearly 700 people lost their lives in that single tornado.

Tornado Targeted Critical Alert System

Tornado Weather Alert
PubSafe Tornado Storm Map
Tornado Status

Laser Focused Alerting


The PubSafe portal is available to government agencies to send messages and alerts to PubSafe mobile app users. Only a government organization with a user in the public information officer (PIO) role can  send messages to all users. Messages to all PubSafe users requires two-person approval to avoid errors. 

Specific users can be selected down to the individual house level making the alerting process very accurate. By targeting specific PubSafe users in a small area, the alert function remains very quick. Test show messages from the cloud portal to the mobile app are delivered in about 8 seconds!

PubSafe Tornado Related Functionality


  1. Rapid alerting
  2. Community Messaging
  3. Last known location
  4. My Status update 
  5. SitReps for responders to see
  6. Images to aid responders
  7. Aid and shelter locations and updates
  8. Volunteer hours reporting

Tornado Recovery and Cleanup

PubSafe offers functionality that will aid in the cleanup and recovery process. Volunteers can track their hours for their records or for reimbursement in some situations. Volunteers can enter an address or use the GPS coordinates and attach pictures to prove they were on location. 

When searching larger areas, the PubSafe portal is able to track the PubSafe mobile app for team and organization members for up to 48 hours. This enables the command element to monitor areas covered to avoid skipping potential victim sites. 

If help is needed, a help request can be shared with all PubSafe users, or just to a specific team or organization. Images can be attached to help requests in case specific skills or supplies are needed at the scene.

Socio-Economic Equity

It is important in today’s environment to ensure all citizens are being served equally. PubSafe enables incident commanders to monitor human and asset allocation in order to provide the right assets, in the right area, in an equal manner. 

Post disaster data can be studied using APIs to conduct an after action review to confirm the response was on target or areas for improvement. 

Tornado Cleanup Volunteer