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Connecting Citizens, NGOs, FBOs & Governments For A Coordinated and Efficient Response to Daily Help, Global Natural Disasters & Emergencies.

A Public Benefit Company

Hurricanes, Wildfires, Tornados, Tsunamis & Earthquakes

Natural disasters impacting public safety come in many forms. Globally governments work to provide public safety to varying degrees of success due to a lack of resources. The PubSafe public safety and citizen community help platform enable governments with little or no budget to get many of the tools provided by large expensive public safety alert and incident management platforms. 

PubSafe Is Virtually Free To Government and NGOs

PubSafe it turning the business model upside down in the public safety sector. PubSafe only charges $99 to register and $99 annually, per organization. PubSafe offers a free version of the mobile app but encourages users to upgrade for as little as $.99 per year! Pro, Gov and Enterprise versions of the app are available which removes the cost from the government or organization and spreads it across citizens or volunteers at a very affordable rate. 

Not Just For Emergencies

PubSafe is the app everyone must have but hope they never need. PubSafe can be used to get help for routine situations such as jump starting a car, pulling out a stuck vehicle, help changing a tire, etc. PubSafe believes people are inherently good and want to help others. This may be when you are traveling by motorcycle in Australia, hiking the Swiss Alps, or visiting Asia. PubSafe is a global platform to connect people. Don’t worry, go “invisible” at any time for safety and security. 


Public Safety #1

PubSafeTM connects citizens so people can help people and animals during times of disaster, emergency or in daily life. Join today and get help or give help from the PubSafe community. Protect people and animals and share information to keep people safe and improve the response of rescue and relief organizations.



Non-Government Organizations & Faith Based Organizations

Never ask again “Do we have someone in that area?”

PubSafeTM offers a web portal which interacts with the PubSafeTM mobile app. The combination of the two provides improved communication and efficiency. The PubSafeTM portal was designed from the ground up for SAR and relief operations and for large enterprise-level organizations. Organizations with 35,000 members globally can utilize PubSafeTM


Global Governments

Cross Agency & Organization Coordination

PubSafeTM enables government agencies to come together for short periods to operate as a team of up to 30,000 members. Government, NGOs, FBOs and individuals can coordinate and communicate under one temporary umbrella or a permanent umbrella established for disasters by an agency such as FEMA or DHS. NGOs can relieve pressure on governments by handling the less technical help requests. Visibility and situational awareness increases dramatically across a region during disasters. Data can be studied to improve efficiency and safety in future events. Augment existing 911 and emergency platforms for a fraction of the price which is then distributed across the user base, not the agency. 



Organize, Coordinate & Safety

Businesses can use PubSafe for routine operations to monitor employees traveling the globe or to coordinate relief operations during times of disasters. Knowing the location of all employees is a big safety factor and it significantly improves efficiency. Organizations like the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and others traveling the world can monitor location and SOS status from a central control center. Organizations can have as many as 30,000 members. 

Retail businesses can post and update location information on inventory and next shipments. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target can keep customers informed of plywood, food, fuel, and other essentials needed in hard hit areas using the Location feature. 


People Helping People & Animals

Community Safety Volunteer CERT
NGO Volunteer
Flood Helicopter Rescue
Business Flood Relief Operations

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Dispatching & Coordination Portal

PubSafeTM consists of the mobile app and the web portal. The app collects and shares data between citizens so they can help each other. The portal is primarily for NGOs, government and non-profits. The web portal provides similar information as the mobile app in addition to features such as dispatching help requests to the mobile app, organization operations, messaging, CRM, resources and more. Register your organization with a free trial and see  how PubSafeTM can help organize a rescue response, improve communication and keep your volunteers safe. Learn more

PubSafe is a public benefit company focused on helping citizens everyday, during an emergency and large scale disasters. Being a public benefit company enables the focus to be on serving the public, not shareholder interests.  Join us on the journey to change how the world views, manages and responds to people in need. 

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Faster rescue

Sharing information in real-time with emergency services, NGOs and other citizens will likely expedite rescue. With your last know location and GPS coordinates being visible in an emergency (cell service required), responders will be able to find you faster.

Real-Time Data Sharing

Every citizen becomes part of the solution with PubSafe. Data to the EOC and NGPS means the better allocation of resources during a disaster. Post-disaster analysis will drive improvements and efficiency.

People Helping People and Animals