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What is PubSafe?

PubSafe is a comprehensive safety network designed to connect communities, organizations, and citizens for real-time incident tracking and efficient resource coordination.

Our mission is to build safer communities by providing the tools necessary for effective communication and swift response during emergencies

How PubSafe Can Empower Your Organization

Citizen Reporting

Every citizen shares data on local events providing real-time information for the community and responders.

Interactive Map

Stay informed with our live map displaying real-time incidents and resources in your area.

Resource Coordination

Efficiently manage and allocate resources during emergencies.


Organizations can see who needs help, where and the resources needed, in real-time.

Incident Reporting

Easily report incidents and share vital information with your community.

Community Alerts

Receive and send alerts to keep everyone informed and safe.


As a registered organization, you gain access to our online portal; equipping your team with a myriad of features designed to help your team operate with increased safety and efficiency by connecting them in the field and allowing headquarters to effectively co-ordinate them from base.


For Communities

Empower residents to contribute to community safety


For Organizations

Enhance organizational response and resource management.


For Emergency Responders

Provide first responders with the tools they need for effective operations.

App Screenshots

Our app is designed for responders in the field; connecting them with their organization’s home base through the portal, facilitating collaboration with fellow responders, and allowing them to respond to alerts, accept missions and have their status and location tracked for safety and effective co-ordination.

Platform Presentation

So, you’re interested in doing a deep-dive & learning more!

In the following video, PubSafe founder Eron Iler gives a full presentation of the platform that will give you a clear idea of PubSafe’s mission, its features and how PubSafe can empower your organization.

PubSafe Reviews

“PubSafe is an amazing resource for crowd communication during disasters and tools to find assistance in troubling times. Safety is the key!”

“The perfect tool for anyone who wants to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Communication is the greatest tool for survival in the event of the worst.”

“It is better to be safe than sorry. PubSafe ensures that someone of your choice always knows where you are and how you are doing.”

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