This security information describes the general steps to secure customer data. Some information is limited to avoid exposing information that hackers would find beneficial. If you want to view our privacy policy and terms of use – click here. 

Security is done in layers, starting with users and extended through to data storage. PubSafe has implemented several layers of security to make it progressively harder to access confidential information. Unfortunately, major corporations and our Government has shown that the most advanced security is often not enough. With a cloud based system not connected to a users email or network, users are less likely to inject a virus, but cyber security threats continue to evolve. PubSafe pledges to maintain a minimum of commercial accepted standards in addition to other cyber defense steps implemented to protect user data.  

User Security Options

Users are provided multiple options to choose when and how to share their information with other PubSafe users. User can be completely “invisible” to the PubSafe community to visible at designated times. 

Android and iOS as not identical. Apple is currently blocking updates on their platform which prevents us from providing all the newest security functionality. We therefore recommend Android until Apple changes their position. 

App Security Options

  • Show or hide phone number
  • Share information with active Team or Organization (currently Android only)
  • Public profile options
  • Facebook login option has been removed
  • Sex and age are not shared to other app users, ever
  • Transmit rate can be altered
  • Visibility after logoff can be altered
  • Social media sharing can be disabled




SSL Technology



Data Center & Storage



Operating System



Network Configuration



Third Party Organizations



Backup and Recovery

When data is shared with third parties, it is done using APIs. This creates a point-to-point connection w