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Tsunamis are mysterious in they are only present for a short period of time but can kill and destroy at a very large scale in just minutes. In 2004 a tsunami struck Indonesia and killed an estimated 300,000 people in a just a few minutes. 

The effects of a tsunami on a coastline can range from unnoticeable to devastating. The effects of a tsunami depend on the characteristics of the seismic event that generated the tsunami, the distance from its point of origin, its size (magnitude) and, at last, the configuration of the bathymetry (that is the depth of water in oceans) along the coast that the tsunami is approaching. Source SMS Tsunami Warning

Tsunami Early Warning Is Key 


Surviving a tsunami is simple in concept but difficult in application. The only way to survive it to get above the water by heading to higher ground or up a structure. Floating in the water offers a low survivability rate due to the speed of the water and debris.

Early warning is essential to public safety. People need time to get themselves and children to a safe location which could be hundreds of yards away across a beach or other area with no tall structures.

Tsunami Ocean Debris
Tsunami Damage Island Town

PubSafe Tsunami Warning


PubSafe has integrated with various alerting systems associated with iPAWs, USGS and other government agencies associated with public safety alerts. Although PubSafe is not meant to be a life saving service, it can augment the overall alert strategy implemented by governments and individuals. 

With the laser focused messaging function of PubSafe governments can alert their citizens without panicking the general population. The fewer people running for their lives, the less congestion. People in the flood zone and alert others and expedite evacuation.


Tsunami Features


  1. Rapid alerting to target PubSafe app users
  2. Logging of last known location
  3. Sharing of help requests
  4. Sharing of emergency requests
  5. Shelter and aid station locations and status updates
  6. Real-time situation reports
  7. Consolidated images and video on map

Government Alert Services


The PubSafe cloud platform is free to government agencies with the minimum number of PubSafe app users. The more PubSafe community members, the better the real-time information and response. Countries with fewer financial resources do not have to worry about paying high fees. Instead, each user either uses the free app or upgrades to the $.99/yr version. SAR, professionals, NGOs, government workers and corporate users pay a higher fee but it is still the lowest in the market in relation to the functionality and public safety impact.

Tsunami Alert System