Peace Keeping

and Humanitarian Coordination


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Global personnel tracking and coordination



Security and Logistics

Peace keeping efforts are ongoing around the globe in some of the most remote areas. Peace keeping is a calling, often requires living and working in desolate and dangerous locations. Fortunately, a large portion of the world’s population has cellular network data services which enables the PubSafe platform to function as a safety, communication and logistics platform during peace keeping efforts.

Security is a big consideration in conducting peace keeping missions. The PubSafe platform offers a variety of security and privacy features to put the user in control of their visibility. PubSafe members can join a team through the mobile app and only be visible to team members. Members can join and organization and be visible only to members of the organization. 

Depending on the level of service, members can join multiple organizations and teams and then toggle between them. This unparalleled flexibility gives unique capabilities to large organizations to form special teams, for short duration missions and easily return to their standard organization. 


Peace Keeping Dispatch Board with Mission Queue-2
Control PubSafe Teams Visibility
Global Peace Keeping Forces (canva)

Peace Keeping Logistics


A key element to supporting a community with peace keeping forces includes basic food, water, shelter, first aid and infrastructure. Peacekeepers on the ground often feel isolated and forgotten working in remote areas. When supplies are needed, there is a long logistics chain between the field, inventory and the approval process. Creating a direct line for peacekeepers to connect to resources improves morale and efficiency.

Since the goal is to serve the community, communicating with the community is important. Communicating with community leaders separately from the masses may also be important to local customs and cultural norms. PubSafe enables communication with all levels of a community through the use of the teams functionality and messaging and chat functionality with the organization. Organizations can easily contact several or hundreds of people very quickly to warn them of an advancing guerilla force, severe weather or other major event. 

Key PubSafe Features for Peace Keeping


  1. Join multiple teams
  2. Join multiple organizations
  3. Robust visibility options
  4. Easily switch between orgs or teams
  5. Share location details with team or community