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Empower Your Community and Stay Safe. Download PubSafe

In today’s world, a strong sense of community and preparedness are more important than ever. PubSafe, the innovative safety mobile app, is here to connect you with the people and resources that can make a real difference.

Join a Network of Support:

PubSafe goes beyond just another personal safety app. It fosters a vibrant citizen safety network, empowering individuals to connect with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), community organizations, and fellow citizens. With every new member, the PubSafe community grows stronger, creating a powerful web of support that can be invaluable in times of need.

Your Safety App, Always There (Hopefully Unused):

We all hope for the best, but it’s always wise to be prepared. PubSafe is the safety app you should have on your phone, readily available but hopefully never truly needed. By downloading PubSafe, you’re taking a proactive step towards your safety and the well-being of those around you.

Be Part of Something Bigger:

Imagine a world where communities come together to support one another. PubSafe facilitates this ideal by connecting you with people in your local area. This allows you to offer help, receive assistance, and build a stronger sense of belonging within your neighborhood.

Control Your Visibility:

PubSafe prioritizes your privacy. You have complete control over your visibility within the app. Choose to be entirely invisible, visible only to specific teams or organizations you’re part of, or connect with the broader PubSafe community. The level of engagement is entirely up to you.

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Privacy is #1

Privacy is a big concern today, so PubSafe has built in multiple options to give users the comfort level desired. PUBSAFE DOES NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION FOR MARKETING. You can go invisible anytime and no one can see or communicate with you.

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A Helping Hand, Whenever You Need It:

PubSafe isn’t just about emergencies. It’s about fostering a spirit of helpfulness within your community. Do you need a hand changing a flat tire? A jump start for your car? Perhaps some help shoveling snow after a winter storm? PubSafe allows you to broadcast requests for assistance, and connects you with willing neighbors who can lend a hand.

Be the Eyes and Ears of Your Community:

PubSafe functions as a real-time community early warning system. Receive critical alerts about emergencies like wildfires, tornadoes, and flash floods, allowing you to take necessary precautions and stay informed.

More Than Emergencies:

PubSafe isn’t limited to just emergencies. Traveling to a new area? The app provides valuable local alerts and allows you to connect with the local PubSafe community, ensuring you have access to support wherever you go.

Create Your Own Support System:

For added peace of mind, you can create private Teams within PubSafe. This allows you to monitor the location of team members, share updates, and communicate discreetly within a close-knit group.

Inform and Be Informed:

PubSafe empowers you to report on local situations, keeping the entire community updated on developing issues. This collaborative approach ensures everyone has access to the latest information and can make informed decisions.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind:

Before disaster strikes, use PubSafe’s MyStatus feature to update and share your plan of action. This critical step can save valuable time and ensure your loved ones know how to reach you in an emergency.

Important Disclaimer:

While PubSafe offers a wealth of resources and fosters a strong sense of community, it’s crucial to remember that it may not be monitored by emergency services. In any life-threatening situation, always call 911 or your local emergency service provider first. PubSafe serves as a valuable supplement to emergency services, but should never replace them.

By downloading PubSafe, you’re not just getting a safety app; you’re joining a movement. A movement built on the power of community, preparedness, and a shared desire to help one another. Download PubSafe today and take control of your safety, while becoming an integral part of a supportive network that looks out for everyone.