War & PubSafe

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Relief, Wellness Checks & Operations



Information Sharing During Conflict

Armed conflict presents many challenges and army’s are advancing with technology at a rapid pace. Fewer tools are available for NGOs, relief and even “freedom fighters” to help with their mission.

War Time Uses

  • NGOs can track members for safety and coordination
  • Temporary or permanent supply points can be shared with locals through the proximity notification functionality.
  • Small units can create teams (only visible to team members) to monitor the location for coordinating operations and reduce friendly fire. 
  • Families can request wellness checks. Members can post My Status updates. 
  • Members can share real-time information with government monitors of the PubSafe platform. 

Note: Never post anything that would aid the enemy. Pictures of monuments can provide battlefield intelligence to the enemy. Limit location information to temporary locations and offset the location to indicate a general area. Operate with limited visibility to individual locations but share general SitReps for coordinating efforts.

Users can change their visibility at any time to invisible to all PubSafe members, limit visibility to teams or limit visibility to only their active organization. Extensive efforts have been made to provide members flexibility and control of visibility security.

PubSafe War
Ukraine War Destruction

Key PubSafe Features


  1. Victim location
  2. Specific details
  3. Structured data
  4. Media – photos and videos

PubSafe Improve NGO Relief Operations



The biggest benefit of the PubSafe platform is the ability to coordinate dispatching across the globe. Leadership in New York can see the location of relief field operators in Ukraine. PubSafe can be used to dispatch transport vehicles to pick-up people in need of medical care. 


PubSafe offers two methods of communication with organization members: chat and group messaging. Chat provides quick and direct one-on-one communication with an individual organization member. Messaging enables members with specific roles to send a message to multiple organization members simultaneously. Government organizations have special permissions to message any PubSafe member in a limited region.