Mobile App

The PubSafe mobile app provides the ability for citizens to report and share real-time information and for NGOs to communicate during response efforts more efficiently. The PubSafe app ranges from free for everyday citizens, to a small fee for enterprise-class organization to meet the needs of society and global corporate operations. Security and privacy is paramount. Data is not sold or shared for marketing and users control what is shared and when.

Citizen Mobile App

The PubSafe app offers a wide variety of features and functions for citizen users. Citizens can update family using the “wellness check” functionality. SitReps are used to report and share any relevant local information which is shared to the map to improve general awareness. Location updates can be used to update shelter and hospital information in real-time which enables citizens to go to the right location for the services needed.

NGO Mobile App

NGOs can use the Pro version of the PubSafe mobile app to review reported information and locate people and animals in needed. The mobile app is also linked to an organization which is able to see members working a disaster area. Responders can receive missions, log volunteer hours, and to informal damage assessments.


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