Volunteers, Family, Work, Rescue

How Teams Work

Teams in PubSafe are built around the needs of volunteers. Volunteers may be a family or an impromptu search and rescue group from a neighborhood. It can also be multiple government agencies coming together on a unified platform for a specific disaster. The number of teams and number of members that can be in a single team is controlled by the version of the PubSafe mobile app. If you need more teams and members upgrade the app. 

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Teams vs. Organizations

Generally teams are less complex than organizations and do not need the PubSafe portal for coordination and resources. Teams’ focus on joining people through the mobile app where organizations connect and communicate from the portal to the mobile app. Organizations by default have a team ID but teams created by users focus on connecting with other users, not an organization. Users can join the number of teams allotted by the app version but can join an unlimited number of organizations. Users must select their active team from the More menu. 

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