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There are few opportunities that come along that are truly in a completely new and untapped industry. The opportunity to move first and in a big way creates an environment for uncommon success. Aftermath is one of these opportunities.

For some reason the emergency management industry has missed the opportunity and value of crowdsourced data before during and after emergencies and disasters. Everyone is planning based on research, historical data, and models but have failed to recognize the value of real-time data throughout an event and the life cycle of planning.

The value of this business opportunity is in the data but that data is dependent on the people who will provide it. To get the data, a robust, capable and highly valuable service must be delivered for free, or almost free, to those collecting it. Once the data is in the database, the potential value of the data is only limited by creativity applied to planning, preparation and analysis. There is a saying in the military that bullets win battles but logistics win wars. For Aftermath, data wins the war logistical challenges realized at the individual level all the way to FEMA, or internationally.

Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Investor Summary

Right Team

The goal is to keep the team small in order to maximize profitability. This means utilizing contractors for projects and offshore development unless an investor was to bring a development team to the situation. A small team means a quicker ROI and an opportunity to grow and sell the platform in the next few years for a maximum valuation.


Eron Iler

Eron is the inventor and visionary for the mobile app solution to disaster and emergency data issues. At 49 he is a seasoned entrepreneur, business owner, and leader. As co-owner of three small technology companies, he has a broad general understanding of technology and how it can be utilized to solve problems. Through this experience, he realized the value of data and how solving several public safety issues can also generate a very large and valuable data set.

Darryl Arnold

As a technologist, Darryl bridges the gap between deep technical requirements and creative idea people. He currently manages the infrastructure and is responsible for finding and implementing the right technology to support the concept of the mobile app being a global tool for everyday use, not just a disaster management tool.

Financial Opportunities



Projecting the financial benefits of a virgin industry is bit difficult but exciting none the less. In the short-term, the opportunities are significant from download revenue. At $.69 ($.99 – 30% to iOS/Android) a major weather event can easily provide hundreds of thousands if not more than a million downloads in a very short period of time. With a relatively small investment in social media marketing, creating a viral situation would not be difficult under the stress of a major storm, just in Florida. As features are added to support special interest groups such as churches or volunteer organizations like the Louisiana Cajun Navy, per rescue organizations or other supporting groups, adoption will increase with dependency.

The Value Is In The Data

The long-term value is the data itself. Selling the data to government agencies, universities and insurance companies or advertising for retailers on the app. Government agencies can be more efficient and integrate with other technologies such as GPS tracking to save money and lives. Insurance companies can better understand the issues faced which may not impact them directly but represent risk in certain areas or a lack of risk making those areas targets for more profitable customers. Retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart will want to ensure their brand is visible and they are keeping the public informed of their inventory and availability to help their local communities.


There is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to build their brand during disasters and drive revenue. By knowing the help that is needed in certain areas, stores such as Home Depot can update customers in real-time of available or incoming supplies. Hospitals can communicate open beds and capacity to bring more patients through the door. Restoration companies like Serve Pro can make their services readily available. There is almost an infinite opportunity to connect people in need with suppliers in a local area in real-time.  


There are opportunities for subscriber plans. Certain advanced features and integrations offer a chance to charge a monthly fee to search and rescue groups, government agencies for API and data access and to individuals who want a more proactive alert system of notifications and weather.

Financial Projections

Projections provided are an estimate of what can be accomplished with the right features in the mobile app, social media marketing, and disaster conditions. A significant ROI can be achieved in one week with a major hurricane. One million downloads is not unrealistic for a major storm, flood or blizzard. The overhead comes in the form of continued offshore development, social marketing, UI design and sales. Portal access and functionality is perhaps the most important aspect of growth in order to get government partners using and endorsing the platform. Sales rep(s) experienced in government sales and emergency operations would bring significant value.

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