Operations Management

Organize, manage & dispatch your business, NGO, FBO, CERT, or Task Force during blue skies or dispatch and run operations during gray skies. Tracking volunteer hours, dispatching missions, and a contact manager make PubSafe a global, cost effective platform. Get your free organization account.

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Public Safety Weather Radar Platform

Exceptional Features for Challenging Moments

Manage Your Team

Connect your team members, see their live locations, activity and status.

Communicate Effectively

Easily send single or mass messages to team members of your choice.

Give Assistance

Get alerts from nearby assistance requests and delegate tasks to suitable team members in the area.

Live Updates

Get live updates on situations as they’re reported by fellow members and view them on the map.

 Suitable For Any Emergency

Whether your team specializes in disaster management, animal rescue, or simply wants to keep track of members’ safety.

Time Tracking

Track the time that your team members and volunteers spend on their assigned tasks and produce accurate and detailed reports.

Live Weather Info

Get live information on the weather and keep an eye on wildfires, floods, tornadoes & more.

Fast Onboarding

When extra help is required, temporary team members can scan a QR code and join your team within minutes.

Mobile & Desktop

As a registered organization, you gain access to both the PubSafe mobile app & our desktop portal to manage your team.

Portal Screenshots

As a registered organization, you gain access to our online portal; equipping your team with a myriad of features designed to help you operate with increased safety and efficiency. 

Public Safety App Screenshots

Our app is designed for responders in the field; allowing them to respond to alerts, accept missions and have their status and location tracked for safety and effective co-ordination.

PubSafe App Roles
PubSafe Mobile App Tutorial
Community Help Request Mobile App
National Public Safety Mobile App

App Reviews

This app is an amazing resource for crowd communication during disasters and tools to find assistance in troubling times. Safety is the key!

“The perfect app for anyone who wants to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Communication is the greatest tool for survival in the event of the worst.”

“It is better to be safe than sorry. This app ensures that someone of your choice always knows where you are and how you are doing.”

Public Safety App Map
Public Safety App
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