Wildfire Alerts & Recovery

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Wildfires Devastate Homes & Environment 


Wildfires penetrate our dreams in the form of nightmares if you like in a wildfire area.

“Wildfires are unique due to the lack of advance notice, speed of movement and change of direction.”

Wildfire Safety Network
Burned Car Wildfire Volunteer Assistance

Wildfire Secondary Destruction


We can all imagine the consequence of a wildfire but we seldom think of the secondary impacts. Wildfires may be in a small populated region or a hundreds of thousands of acres. Large wildfires like those found in California can cost billions in property damage or fire fighting efforts. 



  1. Flooding due to lack of vegetation
  2. Economic loss – jobs, spending and tax revenue
  3. Loss of livestock and wildlife
  4. Loss of infrastructure such as utilities
  5. Situational awareness in relation to government response