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Getting Started Overview (Need help? Click here)

Step-by-step process to get your organization on the PubSafe platform and add members. 

Upgrading to PubSafe Pro

Before you can create an organization, you must install the PubSafe mobile app and upgrade to Pro. Only Pro mobile app users can create or be members of an organization.

  1. Use the various links offered on the site to link to the appropriate app store.
  2. Create an account on the free PubSafe app.
  3. After logging into the app, upgrade by clicking the admin menu on the top left and selecting App Upgrade. Select Pro.
  4. After upgrading, enter your credential below to apply for organization access to the PuBSafe cloud portal.
Create an Organization ***(READ THIS)***


  1. Complete the below application. The more information provided, the faster and easier it is to approve.
  2. Everyone org gets a free trial of the portal for 90-days. There are never monthly portal fees. Most funding comes from the members of your organization upgrading to the Pro or higher version of the PubSafe mobile app. To cancel, simply do not pay the small annual portal admin fee. Your access will be automatically terminated 30-days after the anniversary due date. 
  3. Upon application approval, login and start inviting PubSafe™ Pro, Government or Enterprise members to join your org. Some functions in the portal are limited by organization type and user role.
  4. Org approval can take a few days to a few weeks. You can still login and view the member map, but you will not see org functions until approved.
  5. Start using and training with the platform so you are prepared for the next emergency of disaster. Click here
Adding Members

Review the Getting Started article for a checklist of all steps. Click here

  • Members must be invited by an organization and then approved by an admin.
  • Members can share their invitation with others using the QR code, invite link, etc.
  • Members with an invite link are listed as pending in the member section until the org admin approves and assigns a security role.

Once a user becomes a member they can change their role to Responder from Citizen so they can be dispatched missions from the portal. 

Membership Help Information

Inviting Members to Your Organization

Read complete instructions on inviting members to your organization. Click here.

Org Member Approval


Install the PubSafe mobile app and upgrade to the Pro versions.

Enter your mobile app credentials below to get started. This will make you the organization administrator and point of contact.

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