Application Submitted

Thank You!


We appreciate you applying to the PubSafe SAR platform. Review can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the applications. Once your organization is approved follow the below instructions to start using the platform.

1. All users must install the PubSafe mobile app. 

2. Users that with to access the portal must upgrade the PubSafe app to the Pro, Gov or Enterprise version. Free, Base and Plus versions can login but will only be able to see the member map, not the dispatching and other functions. 

3. All members of your organization that will communicate and receive missions, must upgrade the PubSafe app to Pro, Gov or Enterprise. 


Note: The more CERTs, NGOs, and civilians using the app to share information during disasters or daily life, the better the real-time information. Please encourage others to install the PubSafe app, post and utilize the web portal.