Damage Assessment

Data Collection and Sharing
Complete Your Damage Assessment

Damage assessments (DAs) may be done by a trained NGO linked to a PubSafe organization or a citizen not part of PubSafe.

Data Sharing Consent

DAs are shared with PubSafe organizations and members and may be exported to third parties such as the Red Cross Disaster HUB to be part of a larger data set accessed by additional agencies or organizations. DAs submitted to PubSafe by an organization member will insert the report into the organizations web portal. The organization is then controls who the information is shared with and how. All data may be passed to third parties as part of the overall disaster response effort. 

Submitting this form means you understand and agree to the data sharing in an effort to improve disaster outcomes.

Tips for Reporting Damage

1. Only for residential main structures. No commercial buildings, businesses, barns, fences or carports. 

2. Include multiple clear photos. Take close up detailed photos as well as wide perspective photos. Photo size is limited to 5 mg so you may need to adjust your camera settings.

3. Be sure the address & location on the map is accurate along with your contact information.

4. Only submit one report per property