Situation Reports for disasters

Situation Reports (SitRep)

SitRep, short for ‘situation reports’, is a military term to describe information being reported to higher command so decisions can be made in support of the mission. Situation reports are not a request for help in the civilian world but may include information needed as part of the response to provide aid and relief. SitReps help EOC management, NGOs and other citizens nearby to understand what is going in a specific area, in detail. With this information, decision makers can allocate resources more efficiently.

PubSafe Situation Reports are selected from a category and then a list related to the category. This method significantly improves the ability to report and share information by easily storing it in a database. SitReps are posted to the PubSafe app and visible to other users based on the options selected. Generally, SitReps are intended for all PubSafe users.

What Can Be in a Situation Report (SitRep)?

Situation Reports can contain literally anything that contributes to the success of the mission. In some cases this includes information about nothing taking place in the area. Think about it: If 30 people file situation reports that there is no flooding going on in an area, officials do not need to send someone to look or send boats and high water vehicles to that area only to learn there is no need. Situation Reports contribute to the efficiency of the response, save lives and save money.

SitRep for Emergency Management Situations
SitReps for Hurricane Ian

How to post a SitRep and why it is important to any disaster.

Full Transcript of Video

Hey everybody Aaron with pub safe we are looking for volunteers that are going to be able to post what we call sit reps or situational reports. Um after hurricane Ian comes through or even before and sit reps can be on anything whether or not there’s flooding in your area or no flooding in your area. All of that gives a potential responders more information on where to allocate resources. And you can see that we’ve got a lot of activity going on on the map right now but I want to show you how to do sit reps It’s super simple. If you look at the bottom menu right in the middle It says sit rep under the letter I when you click on that.

That opens up a window. And then you have couple of categories at the top scroll to the right until you get to…

Hurricane slash flooding select that. And then go ahead and put a subject in like Ian update…

And then you can report whether or not the electricity is off flooding one to three feet You can choose up to three options from the list. and then you would hit next. And then at this point it’s really important to add a video or a photo because that really communicates in validates what you’re…reporting in the information So, uh since you can only take that picture live you can’t upload from your phone for You know so if you were at a different location you can’t take a photo of come home and then upload you have to be there, which ensures that the photos and the video that are being provided are true And from that particular location, I’m going to hit skip since I’m at my desk And then this goes to the next screen. If you want to add a comment about what you’re seeing like this is widespread or this is you know a very small area. Or this is very significant You can do that.

And then hit the dropdown menu there and pick how long you think that your situation report is going to be valid. Most shit reps are in these types of situations are only going to be valid for 24 to 48 hours. If you have a road that is uh

under six feet of water, then. obviously you want to extend that if you have a road that has collapsed. Then you’re looking at 60 or 90 days to get something like that repaired So, uh use your best judgment to help people understand how long. Uh your sit rep is going to be applicable when it expires. It will actually be automatically removed from the map.

And then your last option here is to who who is going to see that. We want all of these to go to the pub safe community. So keep that default item checked. If you were operating within a team or as part of an organization you’ve got some other choices. and then down at the bottom Uh, is your GPS information.

You can share some of that information Obviously you can also, um you know request assistance from uh, You know, By linking out to 9 1 1. If you have an emergency always call nine one one first please please call 9 1 1 first. And then we will go from there So, uh thank you If you’re willing to volunteer Uh

feel free to publish lots of sit reps every few hours even from your location, you know let the other ones expire But if something changes go in there and update it. You will also get an email So if you want to cancel a sit rep you can click the link in the email and you’ll be able to, uh delete the sit route from the from the map itself So thank you and good luck in hurricane Ian. We are watching and waiting and hoping the best for everybody. And um, Please take care

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