Telematics in Search and Rescue

Telematics Improves Logistics During SAR

There are many methods and technologies used in the search and rescue process. Telematics is a general term for vehicle location and data. Telematics data is often used in fleets for normal operations. The same benefits found outside of disasters also apply to disaster time but with bigger consequences.

GPS Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is the most important aspect of fleet telematics. Constant awareness of vehicle and asset location is critical to making rapid, efficient and good decisions which will result in lives and property saved. Perhaps the most frequent question asked in search and rescue operations is “do we have someone in that area?” or “who is in that area?” The process of answering that question may be easy if the lead agency is utilizing fleet tracking and asset tracking in localized events. However, when a large-scale disaster takes place and many agencies are involved, knowing the location of all parties for a temporary event is a challenge.

Data Integration for Disaster Response

API is  a term used to describe the ability to move data between databases using industry standard methodologies. Bring data together in advance of a disaster is challenging for a variety of reasons from security, to technical. APIs help overcome these obstacles but integrations do not happen instantly. If there is lead time for a disaster there is a better chance of integration taking place. In situations such as an earthquake the agencies involved in the response are not known until they are called to respond. This disjointed environment makes it challenging to provide emergency managers the visual situational awareness typically provided by telematics during normal business operations.

PubSafe Mobile App Bridges The Gaps

A mobile app provides a platform that anyone can join with just a few minutes and on a temporary basis. Users can join and unjoin a disaster response effort and establish the visibility critical to the EOC leadership team. PubSafe goes beyond simple location as a purpose build platform to bring citizens, NGOs, government and corporations together. App features facilitate information sharing and encourage every user to contribute to the data pool. Mobile app data can be combined with GPS vehicle tracking using APIs when practical to bring many diverse organizations together for a period of time.