Sherpa 4x4 Air Compressor

180 PSI!

Sherpa 4×4 Air Compressor Review

Having a reliable air compressor is an important tool for disaster response teams. The cheap units found online that take 30 minutes to blow up a bike tire, if they don’t burn up first, only create issues when operating in a fast paced environment. The Sherpa 4×4 air compressor is a robust portal system designed for commercial use. They also make amazing winches with 1 or 2 motors for continues use applications. From personal experience, the Sherpa Air Box air compressor is worth the investment and the last portable air compressor I will buy. 

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Air Compressor Features

  • Exceptional Sherpa quality
  • High volume air output from dual head compressor
  • Integrated air tank, pressure switch and safety relief valve
  • Convenient 12V power demand
  • Fast tyre inflation with 150 PSI tank air

Although we are not sponsored by Sherpa 4×4, we are big fans based on our current experience using their products. 


Sherpa Off-Road Winch

Website prices include shipping to the USA!

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Model Sherpa BOX AIR
Max. Operating Pressure 180 PSI
Pressure Switch Setting On 120psi / Off 150 PSI
Relief Valve Setting 180 PSI
Air Tank Volume 3.8 L
Motor 12V
Max. Power Draw 59 amps
Fuse 60 amps
Solenoid Rating 100 amps
Duty Cycle 30% @ 100 PSI
Power Leads 10ft (3m) with Alligator clips
Air Line 21ft (6.5m) PU
Weight 33lb (15 kg)
Dimensions 515 x 400 x 195mm
Warranty 12 months
Pressure (PSI) Current (A) CFM
















Full Transcript of Video

Everybody Aaron with pub safe. I’m gonna make it a little different video today on a piece of equipment that I found that I thought you might be interested in If you’re into search and rescue. this happens to be an air compressor that is in this rugged case. So it’s highly portable. And it is from Sherpa four by

And I’ll put the URL right here. Sherpa is not the same as sharp ATV Would you see here? A lot of people call a sure bet ATB a Sherpa In fact that is incorrect. A Sherpa is an individual that climbs a mountain and a sharp ETB does not have the Aon Django. Sure.

So just for a little clarification. this unit I looked at and I actually bought a Sherpa four by four is actually located in Australia. And this unit I just looked online listed for $630. And that includes. shipping to the United States And when you look at their website you’ll see that all their products include shipping to the United States, included in the price that you’re looking at.

So there’s no mystery of what you’re getting and what it’s going to cost And it’s not. You know 600 bucks plus $500 in shipping.

which is highly impressive Cause this is a heavy duty unit. Could not have been cheap to ship here So, you know when you look online do you want Amazon or the places like that and you see these cheap air compressors and. Maybe there are two 300 bucks for a halfway decent one. And then you pay six 30 for this one. And that includes shipping from Australia.

Pretty good deal. And the reason that I got this unit was because I was on there. I’ll actually online doing research to find a winch for my shirt. And I need a winch that. Paul’s about six to 8,000 pounds.

And I also wanted something that would work on my tractor. some pretty big heavy equipment. So I ended up finding Sherpa…online and some their YouTube videos and they actually did a video where they took one of the winches They submerge it in salt water for like six weeks. They then took it out on video. they used it.

And then they took it apart on video so we could see what type of water intrusion there was and what happened to the metal components that may have reacted with.

the salt water and things like that And it was super impressive I mean that that video is got to have gotten gotten them a lot of mileage and sales over the years since it’s been out, I’ll actually put that down in the description for it as well. But. The pricing of shipping included to the United States and the fact that, the build quality was so high just led me to go ahead and buy an air compressor You know if you’re out doing search and rescue you’re going to have trailers You’re going to have vehicles. You know you’re going to have to blow stuff out when you’re fixing generators or whatever. You’re not trying to get stuff clean and an air compressors.

is always going to be handy and I could have had one installed in the bottom of my. 50. I said I got a toolbox. I put this in the toolbox. I can carry this around I can carry it to another vehicle.

I can loan it to somebody else. The degree of portability that. I just wouldn’t have the air compressor…

so. I went through. And this comes in a heavy duty. like it’s like a pellet in case I’m not sure if it is or not It’s got four latches heavy abs plastic and Combs complete. Ready to go.

So we open this up and show you. Once you decide…

And the first thing you see is you get about a 15 foot. Air hose…

You’ll notice. You look for. We’ll see the actual use Teflon tape Some of their on their joints. That’s pretty good. So that means they had to put this together by hand this wasn’t…machine assembled or something but they use taking set up.

You know like a paste. You get a digital air gauge. which feels like better qualities than some of the ones that I applied to. At the local box store, it does require batteries So make sure you put batteries in it before you need to use it…

Next we have about a six foot power hookup. And obviously this is designed to go to the battery on your vehicle. If you need it to extend this what I would do is get jumper cables. You know you might have 25 foot jumper cables So you start to get this farther away from power source. Right.

And then. What’d you see on the inside is you see a…

what’d you see? So you’ve got an air tank. And you’ve got a compressor and it looks like two motors for the compressor. the whole thing is. Nice and tight.

Looks like quality parts quality connections, you know metal. Brayden. Hoes. Protectors. Got a nice toggle switch on and off.

Things of that nature. Now. it all. Fairness. I have not used this extensively.

I have used it to blow up my track retire And if you know, you know on a track retire I’ve got to track your tires as far as I am. Yeah, it can take quite a bit of air. It’s up to my four 50 but the tractor right next to it. And started inflating the tire and it worked like a champ No problem at all. And it worked pretty quickly as well You.

The two motors on there. Obviously your, your duty cycle. Is is hi I believe this one’s rated for a hundred percent dude He’s like I’ll have to check out. With the corruption in the video if I’m incorrect on that But,

you know for For $629 us including shipping. I thought this is really something that not only am I interested in but if you’re watching this video you probably are interested as well So take a you know, the 17,000 pound winch that I bought I just looked again online. It lists for $1,300 If you try to buy a 17,000 pound winch from Warren. not only is going to cost you $2,500 but it’s going to cost you another $300 in shipping.

and is it going to be the same build quality I don’t know if they’re equal, why not save a thousand bucks and…you know get one from Australia good trading partners of the United States and longterm. Allies You know it’s not like you’re buying it from some other countries that don’t necessarily necessarily like us. So think about that And, you know if you haven’t downloaded or installed the, the pub safe mobile app check that out too There’s a free version. It’s people helping people, you can say Hey I need some help And people in the area. You get a notification that, you know Hey you ran out of gas in your boat that you bought out of a tree stand whatever those things are And those people can start to move your direction to see if they provide assistance.

Obviously you always call nine 11 first but you know a lot of times we have to depend on each other in the area to help on. The other thing is if you’re with an NGO and you need a way to manage your search and rescue teams,

the pump Portal was built just for you guys. And the portal communicates with the mobile app. You’ve got to upgrade your subscription That’s where you start to pay a little bit but it’s like a third less than anything that you’ve looked at out there. And we track volunteer hours.

We can do tracking on the map So dispatchers can see you We’ll give you custom URLs to take in volunteers to take an help request and then be able to dispatch those help requests out to people feel using the mobile app So it’s really a super slick system that I built over many years to help NGOs. The effective and rescue So check out pub They thought that if you need an air compressor, check out Sherpa four by and good luck to you and keep up the good work

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